Influencer and Brand partnerships

Influencer and Brand Partnerships

Performance Influencer Partnerships

If you’ve heard a lot about the impact of influencers in partnership marketing, but haven’t yet seen this reflected in your own programme, you’re not alone. This is precisely where SYYCO can make a difference.

We’ve been integrating influencers into out clients’ campaigns for years, and our Performance Influencer Partnerships are geared to deliver the metrics that matter most – traffic and sales.

We select influencers who align with a brand’s values and target audience, while also focusing on those whose content is sales-driven and persuasive, and whose followers demonstrate a high purchase intent, leaving vanity metrics behind

We then foster long-term relationships with the chosen partners, ensuring consistent, sustainable growth beyond individual campaigns. We’ve witnessed impressive results with Performance Influencer Partnerships. Speak to us today to find out their potential for your business.

Brand-to-Brand Partnerships

Collaborations between compatible brands in marketing have been around for a decades, but more recently they have become a genuine force in partnership marketing.

In the UK alone, there are well over a thousand brands active in the brand partnerships space, through our network and platform partners, as well as directly.

SYYCO specialises in identifying and developing these opportunities for our our clients. By connecting brands with similar target audiences or complementary products and services, we help create a collaboration that expands reach, increases trust and loyalty, and unlocks additional incremental revenue streams.

By participating, your brand could either promote its own products or services through your brand partners, or market another brand’s offering as a value-add for your own customers. In some cases, reciprocal partnerships are even possible, allowing the two participating brands to market each other.