Case Studies

London Theatre Direct Case Study

London Theatre Direct

In partnership with, SYYCO helped London Theatre Direct bounce back from the pandemic by harnessing the power of partnerships.

This led to impressive results, with a 101% increase in revenue on 2019. Voucher and cashback share was reduced and content partners saw an almost 500% increase in their contribution.

This work was awarded Highly Commended at the 2022 UK Performance Marketing Awards.

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GLTC x SYYCO Case Study


After a stellar 2020, GLTC saw a drop in affiliate sales over peak 2021, despite increased costs and a healthy investment in tenancies.

SYYCO’s brief was clear: eliminate unnecessary spend and increase sales, especially around Cyber Week.

The results were striking, with a Cyber week performance up 40% on the previous year, alongside a healthy jump in return on ad spend and a 29% increase in active publishers.

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Chelsea Peers x SYYCO Case Study

Chelsea Peers

Recognising the potential for incremental revenue growth, SYYCO and Chelsea Peers put Performance Influencer Partnerships at the heart of their strategy.

The results were impressive, with influencers generating 66% of total programme traffic and 19% of revenue over Q4 2022.

Two of the influencers ended the quarter in the top ten revenue driving publishers, with one even making the top three.

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