Who are SYYCO?

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Who are SYYCO and what do they do?

Founded in 2011, SYYCO is a bespoke International affiliate management agency.

It’s a very easy set up, SYYCO manage your affiliate marketing to maximise your return from the channel. From launching a program from scratch or taking over management of a current program. They manage all aspects of affiliate marketing from network set-up, promotional planning, competitor analysis and re-engagement campaigns.

What does SYYCO offer?

SYYCO use their industry knowledge, vast experience, strong publisher relationships, smart negotiation skills and lots of hard work, to increase your online exposure and affiliate sales.

All staff have extensive backgrounds in travel and/or affiliates and all work remotely. SYYCO have low-overheads and can provide a very pro-active level of service and resource, so you get experienced, senior staff working for you in a very flexible and cost-effective way.


What’s unique about SYYCO is that you get a whole team working on your program. Your dedicated Client Manager will work with you directly on planning and implementing the affiliate programme; consider them an extension of your marketing team! Competitor analysis and promotional guidance is a given, as is bespoke reporting and quarterly reviews.


As well as a Client Manager you also get a dedicated Publisher Manager. They are able to use their industry knowledge and relationships with affiliates to ensure the right ones are recruited for your program. The Publisher Manager will distribute all communications to affiliates and negotiate commission rates for the best possible exposure. They also carry out sales analysis, promotional planning, continual affiliate audits and re-engagement campaigns.


Whether you have an existing relationship with a network and are looking to expand internationally, or are setting up an affiliate programme from scratch, SYYCO can advise on the most appropriate network for your business and negotiate the best deal for you. SYYCO will manage loading terms and conditions, programme creative, commission rates, publisher engagement and all approvals through to management reporting and sales validations. SYYCO have great network relationships and will manage this directly for you.

In a nut shell

SYYCO will expertly manage your affiliate marketing campaigns for you at whatever level you choose.  You can be as hands on or as hands off as you like. But rest assured the team will keep you updated on everything. Weekly reporting, monthly reporting as well as quarterly reviews. Competitor analysis as well as keeping you up to date with industry news and changes.

SYYCO currently run affiliate campaigns exclusively for many clients who do not have in-house resource to dedicate to the affiliate channel. SYYCO are more cost-effective than recruiting, training or diverting existing staff. SYYCO also work alongside internal affiliate marketing teams to provide value and additional support, and add a whole company’s worth of knowledge to their team.

If you want to talk about how SYYCO could help you grow your affiliate activity then please get in touch!

It’s time to talk Affiliates. Drop us a message today: info@teamsyyco.co.uk