Furniture Retailer Case Study

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Furniture Case Study Header

How SYYCO are helping a well-known Furniture Retailer to scale their affiliate programme profitably


This Furniture Retailer launched their affiliate programme in May 2020. They had limited in-house resource available to manage the programme so were missing out on opportunities.

Recognising the potential of the channel, they partnered with SYYCO in September 2020. They tasked us with driving sales growth and raising their brand awareness and online exposure, whilst working to a tight cost of sale goal.


As part of the wider strategy, SYYCO recommended collaborating with carefully selected top tier, mass- market voucher code sites. The retailer was initially hesitant to work with voucher code sites as they do not offer discount codes and did not want to devalue the brand.

SYYCO’s relationships and buying power enabled us to secure excellent brand exposure through key placements in newsletters and on homepages. All exposure was negotiated on a CPA basis and we made use of existing promotional messaging with no voucher codes offered. The retailer was featured in premium placements next to very well high street competitors, much to the delight of the retailer’s board of directors.

The Results

Traffic and sales have increased significantly as a result of partnering with SYYCO. We have worked hard to make affiliate sales more profitable, reducing their costs by 34% to deliver a higher level of return. The brand’s affiliate channel now accounts for 27% of their overall sales, contributing significantly to their growth in the last 12 months.

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